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Hair removal for women and men. How to prepare for waxing? Is depilation painful?

- Get depilation at any age.

Get rid of unwanted hair with hair removal! Our Alexis salon is suitable for all ages, so teenagers and students are welcome to get the smooth skin they deserve.

Get rid of unwanted hair and experience a safe and professional salon service.

- How long does hairless skin last after depilation?

Get rid of unwanted hair for weeks at a time with epilation. Our professional hair removal is safe and effective and will give you smooth skin for about 4 weeks. You can feel confident without hair.

- How long does hair removal in the salon take?

Get rid of unwanted hair with waxing! Our Brazilian waxing is ideal for those looking for a quick, easy and hassle-free way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin in 30 minutes. It depends on the specific part of the body and how thick the hair is. Waxing: calves, thighs, buttocks, armpits, hands, back, abdomen, groin, chest, nose, ears, upper lip and chin, sideburns, lasts approx. 15-20 min. Hair removal: whole legs takes approx. 30 min. Hair removal for men takes longer due to the demands and thick hair. Try it today!

- How to prepare for waxing?

On the day of your visit to the salon, do not apply any cosmetic cream or oil to your skin. Please do not use the spray for underarm hair removal. After depilation, we apply a special post-depilation oil to soothe the skin.

- Is depilation painful?

It depends on which part of the body you need waxing. Then it depends on the personal sensitivity of the skin and the experience of the client. First time clients feel pain more because of uncertainty. Get rid of skin pain with hair removal with products made from natural ingredients and safe for delicate skin.

- How long do I have to have hair?

Before depilation, the hairs must be approx. 5 mm long. We recommend not shaving the hair for 2 weeks. Usually, hairs grow less after the first depilation. They are weaker after regular waxing.

- How long does smooth, hair-free skin last?

Hair removal lasts about 4 weeks. Over time, after regular hair removal, the visit can be repeated once every 6 weeks. He recommends regular visits for waxing, with the fact that the hairs disappear completely over time.

- Can there be an allergic reaction after waxing?

The client may have an allergic reaction after waxing (it depends on the personal characteristics of the skin). Our professional products are formulated with safety in mind and provide long-lasting, allergy-free results.


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