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How long weeks does gel varnish last = shellac last?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

How long does gel varnish = shellac last on nails? Does it matter if a classic manicure was done before?

· With proper application and care, the gel nail varnish lasts for a relatively long time (from 14 days to 1 month). After 3 weeks, however, the nails grow back and the appearance of the gel polish becomes ugly, although with the slow growth of the nail plate and skin, the time of using the manicure can be extended up to 1 month. During this time, there should be no defects in cover in the form of cracks, chips, separation.

· If the polish gel varnish is done poorly, the result will be average. Gel cover does not last long if the nail is not sufficiently degreased and ready for polish. Varnish for manicure during application can also cause a short-term result and cover on nails does not last long.

· Quite often, the integrity of covering is compromised due to mechanical damage. If you carelessly wear the gel varnish and do not follow the rules after its application, chips and cracks will appear very quickly. Therefore, you should not subject your nails to serious tests: opening rings on key fobs or hitting a hard surface.

· Chemically aggressive environments are a common cause of polish failure. If chlorine-containing substances, bleaches, bleaches are used for cleaning, then the gel varnish does not stay on the nail plate for long. Hormonal disorders, oral contraceptives and antibiotic treatment negatively affect the condition of the nails. In hormonal disorders, the nail plate rejects artificial materials and the gel does not hold the polish.

The main cause of defects is poorly applied gel varnish. Errors can be associated with technology violations or the use of poor quality materials, such as:

· bad prepared nail surface: incomplete removal of the cuticle or previous varnishing. The remaining particles cause the layer to separate and the coating begins to break.

· degreasing (nail primer), drying and protection of the nail plate are not used before painting with a primer. Unfortunately, many people miss this step, but it is the base coat that allows the coating to adhere firmly to the nail surface. This tool perfectly dries the nail plate, eliminating the adhesion of dust and other microscopic particles.

· poor quality degreasing with a non-specialized agent - residual fat, oil, stains on the nail, which do not allow the gel varnish to lie tightly on the nail, or the varnish will start to collapse. It is necessary to use a special solution, not acetone and not a nail polish remover.

· cotton swabs were used instead of lint-free napkins. Villi adhering to the skin and nails then create a space between the disc and the nail, which impairs the adhesion of the materials.

· drying takes less than 1-2 minutes at each stage. The professional lamp is equipped with a timer that notifies you when drying can be stopped. If you do not wait for this signal, the quality of the manicure will be far from ideal.

· overexposure and overdrying adversely affect the durability of the paint.

· the end of the nail is not sealed with a "finish" or a transparent "base", applied to the edges when applying colored varnish. Sealing is necessary to close the access of water, air, microparticles. This will extend the life of the gel varnish.

· too thick layers of paint, "finish", "base" slow down the drying, which will certainly affect the quality of the manicure and the varnish will start to peel off quickly.

· gel varnish that extends beyond the nail plate increases the risk of separation.

Recommendation: after a manicure with gel varnish, avoid contact with water for several hours. It is not possible to go to the sauna or solarium on the first day, as the temperature contrast can affect the quality of the painting. In addition, you should not saw, cut your nails until the next correction of gel varnish. Gloves must be worn when using cleaning agents. Interestingly, the "French manicure" style varnish lasts much longer than ordinary gel varnish.

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