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Hair removal for women and men

We offer full body hair removal services! Wax brazilian hair removal, wax for men. The best brazilian wax in Prague. Come and enjoy quality service in the pleasant environment of the waxing and beauty salon Alexis in Prague.

Depilation price list for waxing*

Brazilian wax depilation for women/ brazilian depilation for men

Wax bikini for women/ wax bikini for men                                            700 CZK

Depilation women's legs/ Depilation men's leds

Hair removal all legs                                                                                    700 CZK


Depilation of full hands                                                            400 CZK

Depilation of back                                                                     400 CZK

Depilation of chest                                                                    400 CZK


Depilation of calves                                                         from 300 CZK

Depilation of hips                                                            from 400 CZK

Underarms hair removal for women/for men

Underarms wax removal                                                                            300 CZK

Depilation of upper lip                                                              200 CZK

Depilation of bikini line                                                            300 CZK

Depilation of ears/ wax of nose                                               100 CZK


Price list for hair removal

*The end prices will depend on the complexity of hair removal, number of materials used, the exact price of service is established in the beauty salon. We will announce you the final price before the treatment. It can be up to 20-30% of price. The price list of hair removal for men can be to 30% up.

download price list

Our images of wax depilation

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