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Cosmetics skin treatment

We offer you cosmetic services: peeling, skin cleansing (manual, ultrasonic or combined), massage and face masks from Christina natural cosmetics. Luxurious face and décolleté massage, alginate masks. Phonophoresis of the face. Microdermabrasion of the face - gentle mechanical abrasion of the epidermis using diamond attachments. Eyebrow shaping and correction, permanent eyebrow fixation and eyelash lamination and dyeing. Full body depilation for women and men, brazilian depilation (deep intime depilation), depilation with wax and sugar paste. Come and enjoy the quality service in the pleasant environment of the Alexis Beauty salon.


Cosmetology price list

Basic facial cosmetic treatment                                             

Facial skin care includes make-up removal, peeling, cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined) massage and mask                                          990 CZK

Skin treatment using a galvanic iron                                 

Ironing is especially intended for women, but also for men who need to get rid of unsightly wrinkles in the neck and face area                               800 CZK


Express treatment                                                                   

Suitable for normal skin type with no signs of inflammation, even for young skin. Includes: econtamination, cleansing, atraumatic cleansing, relaxing or regenerating face mask                                                                               700 CZK

Complete face care for men                                           

includes make-up removal, peeling, cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined) massage and Antistress face mask                                     990 CZK

Care for mature skin anti-aging effect + 35

For the 35+ age groups basic treatment: make-up removal, peeling, cleaning, peeling + cosmetics with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It allows you to maintain the youth and beauty of your skin. The treatments are aimed at smoothing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and shine.

1200 CZK


Ultrasonic skin cleansing

includes make-up removal, peeling, ultrasonic cleaning, cold hydration, serum + mask, cream. For all skin types, it does not leave skin irritated and red.                                                                                                                  900 CZK


Lash lamination                                                                        900 CZK

Lash lamination with coloring                                             1000 CZK

Brows shaping                                                                           250 CZK

Brows dyeing                                                                             250 CZK

Brows shaping and dyeing                                                      500 CZK

Long-term eyebrow fixation + eyebrow correction             600 CZK

Lamination of eyebrow + eyebrow coloring                         700 CZK

Lamination of eyebrow+eyebrow shaping+coloring           800 CZK

Price list

Price list for cosmetic treatment

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