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We offer the best hairdressing services! There are coloring by Balayage, Ombre, highlights, Air touch. We provide women's and men's haircuts. Bio perm to make your hair wave. We provide nature 4-phase deep hair regeneration. Hair regeneration Olaplex and hydratation hair masks. Hair lamination with aroning for smooth hair. Wedding hairstyle and evening hairstyle. We have english speaking hairdressers and hair stylist in Prague. Our hair salon offer the best haircut and hairstyle in Prague. The best hair color salon in Prague for ombre and balayage! Come and enjoy quality service in the pleasant atmosphere of our Alexis Beauty salon!


Hair salon price list

Ladies haircut                                                        800/1000/1200 CZK

haircut+ blow+ styling                                                                      

Hair colouring                                                                from 1250 CZK

Hair colouring Matrix 


Coloring Ombre/Balayage/ Dye hair Ombre: from 2500-3000 CZK

with decolorizing powder or color       


Coloring Air Touch                                                     5000- 6500 CZK                                    

Evening hairstyle                                                          from 2000 CZK

wedding hairstyle                                                                         


Men's haircut                                                            500/600/700 CZK

haircut + blow dry + hair wash + styling 


Children's haircut                                                           from 300 CZK                                       

Price list

detailed price list of hairdressing service

download price list

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