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Wraps and peels

The wrap is an effective weapon in the fight against cellulite and overweight. In the Alexis Beauty salon, this treatment is performed in 3 steps. We start with a peeling, which gently removes dead cells, prepares the skin for the next step - the wrap itself, and at the end, an anti-cellulite massage is performed, which leaves cellulite no chance.

Image by Stepan Kulyk

Wraps and peels bory: price list

 Wraps: whole body 120 min                                                  1500 CZK

Hands: 40 min                                                                            450 CZK

Belly: 40 min                                                                               500 CZK

Thighs and buttocks: 60 min                                                 1500 CZK

Full body massages: 2.5 hours                                               2990 CZK

one day spa (massages + wraps and full body peeling)

Wraps body gallery

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