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We offer luxury wet, dry and apparatus pedicure services, nail painting, shellac! Come and enjoy quality service in the pleasant environment of the beauty salon Alexis Beauty Prague. Price list for pedicure and nails polish you can look here.


Price list for pedicure

Pedicure                                                                                      600 CZK

Classic wet spa pedicure                                                                           

Classic wet pedicure + shellac                                                 900 CZK

Wet pedicure + polish shellac (gel lak)                                                 


Pedicure + varnish gel lak                                                        900 CZK

Pedicure + French polish or  varnish ombre*                     1000 CZK  

* Based on the required length and patterns of gel nails, the price of the service can be increased by up to 20% extra. Each nail modeling is preceded by a consultation with the client. We will tell you the exact price for the service in the salon based on your requirements.                              

Price list for pedicure

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