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Chemical peelings in the Alexis beauty salon

Autumn is the time to start a skin renewal course and get acquainted with peelings. The sun shines less often, which means that the risk of age spots or burns is minimal.

Chemical peeling is the best way to remove the surface layer of the skin, after which the body begins regeneration processes and the dead cells of our skin give way to new ones.

After peeling off the dead cells, the skin softens, the skin straightens out, acne and blackheads disappear, wrinkles are smoothed out. Chemical peels are able to lighten traces of acne and scars, as well as smooth the skin texture. Creams, serums and various cosmetic procedures have a double effect: young cells respond better to the active ingredients. We use md: ceuticals. Price from 900 to 1500 CZK, 60 min.

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