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Hair bio perm in Prague. How much does a hair perm cost?

Updated: Aug 9

What is bio permanent? How much does a hair perm cost?

Forget the old methods of chemical hair preparation. Bio permanent is a novelty that curls your hair in a gentle and natural way. Bio permanent will help you have beautiful curls or waves regardless of hair type and gender. Bio permanent is suitable for everyone. Do you dream of curly hair? The price list of organic perennials is on the website here:

How does bio permanent work?

Bio permanent starts with the hairdresser washing your hair with a cleansing shampoo, twisting the hair into curlers according to the request and options, so that the curls are expressive and suit you. Then the hairdresser keeps the curlers on the hair for 20-30 minutes and starts rinsing the hair and neutralizing it within 10-15 minutes. Next, we dry the hair with a hair dryer and a diffuser, including care. Expect to spend 2-3 hours in the salon. Before the perm, we need to see your hair and invite you to a consultation, or we require you to send a photo of your hair to an email.

Bio permanent has never been easier:

Try Bio-perm permanent and discover your new amazing image. Our certified hairdressing salon for organic perms in Prague is ready to provide you with professional services at a great price. Let yourself be pampered and order a perm today!

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Price list bio permanent here:

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