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What is eyelash lifting? How to care for laminated lashes?

How is make eyelash laminate?

  1. First, it is necessary to clean the lashes from cosmetics and degrease them with a special product. Then the desired shape (roller) is selected - it depends on what bend we finally get. When choosing a suitable roller, you should follow the initial length of the lashes and the wishes of the client.

  2. The most important step is to lay out and fix the lashes on the roller. The lashes should be well stretched, separated from the roots to the ends, lying parallel to each other - only in this case the result will be beautiful, the lashes will not be confused and will grow beautifully.

  3. The beautician then alternately applies the chemical compositions. The first composition opens the scales of the lashes and acts on the keratin in the hair structure so that the beautician gives them the required bend. The second composition closes the scales and neutralizes the effect of the first, fixing the curls. Caring ingredients can be applied between the first and second compositions in a modern lamination.

  4. This is followed by the coloring of the lashes. Depending on the type of procedure, a third composition is applied - botox, keratin or nourishing oil.

  5. At the end of the procedure, the beautician must thoroughly clean the eyelid and the lash area to prevent allergic reactions.

Advantages and disadvantages of lamination: is eyelash lamination harmful?

If the lashes are laminated by a skilled beautician, the procedure will not hurt. Conversely, keratin and oils in the composition of care products will help strengthen hair. In some cases, however, it is better to abandon this procedure.

Contraindications: any inflammatory eye diseases, as well as permanent make-up and plastic surgery performed less than 1 month ago. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are relative contraindications for lamination because the mother's hormonal background changes and the effect of lamination can be unpredictable.

How often can lamination be performed?

You can repeat the eyelash lamination process in 1.5 to 2 months. The lashes are completely renewed in about 3 months and the lamination effect lasts for 1.5 months.

Can laminated lashes be painted?

As the hairs grow, the result of laminating the lashes or eyebrows visually gradually disappears. It looks quite natural - but if you want, you can color the bright roots with mascara. It won't hurt your lashes.

Consequences of eyelash lamination - is the eyelash lamination procedure safe?

It seems to many that because the algae lamination process is associated with a chemical effect on the algae, it is harmful. However, it is not.

  • After lamination, the lashes are covered with a thin film, which protects them from external environmental influences (it does not allow them to fade and lose moisture).

  • The nutrients that are in the laminating compositions strengthen the lashes and help them become healthier.

How to care for laminated lashes?

Laminated lashes do not require special care and do not cause discomfort: after the procedure, the girls can visit the sauna, sleep on their stomachs, swim in the sea and pool.

The only limitation is that lashes cannot be moistened within 24 hours after lamination, because the complete restoration of disulfide bonds in their structure occurs within two days.

Which is better - lamination or eyelash extensions?

Eyelash lamination and extensions are suitable for any eyelashes - long and short, thick and thin. The difference between eyelash lamination and elongation: if additional hairs are attached to the natural lashes during the extension, then they are not used for lamination - volume and length are achieved exclusively with special compositions.

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