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The most popular types of men's pedicures

In general, male pedicure is practically no different from female. But due to the physiological characteristics, men still have to spend much more time in the salon. It is often associated with thicker skin. As far as nails are concerned, they very rarely break off, so the emphasis is mainly on working with their shape and length. If we are talking about the types of pedicure, you must individually select the appropriate option, taking into account the characteristics of the skin. Therefore, we suggest that you consider the most popular types of male pedicures in more detail.

- Classic wet pedicure: for a long time this type of pedicure was very popular for problematic feet. As for the technology of the procedure, we first put our feet in a special bath. It can have different compositions depending on your needs. It is most often warm water with sea salt. After softening, the pedicurist cuts the cuticle, adjusts the length of the nails and also shapes them with a file. The skin is processed using a special pedicure device, a file or a razor blade.

- Instrumental pedicure: this particular type of pedicure is assumed to be the most popular. This is not surprising, because such a procedure is as safe as possible. This process does not use cutting tools such as pliers or razor blades, so the risk of skin injuries is minimized. In addition, this technique is an excellent solution for those who have trouble-free legs. After applying a suitable cutter, the pedicurist can easily process fingers and nails, remove calluses and polish the skin.

Then the pedicurist will use a special tool to soften the skin and skin. Leaves on the skin for about 10 minutes. However, there are exceptions, because it all depends on her condition. How often to go for a pedicure? We recommend once a month. You have a pedicure price list here.

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