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Advantages of Shellac varnishing = gel varnish varnishing

Is it good for nail gel lak varnishing?

Gel nail polish is perhaps the most useful invention in the field of beauty and personal care. This method is suitable for all women, without exception, and helps to keep the nails always beautiful, well-groomed and, of course, fashionable. Gel polish (shellac) is a very convenient way of painting nails, which has many advantages:

· stunning appearance, different color shades of nails

· dries quickly

· painting lasts up to three weeks

· does not cause allergies

· do not stress the nails

· it is safe

Color varieties also vary in many variants. With the help of gel polish, you can perform almost any designed manicure. A little fantasy painting - and you will always be modern! Gift certificates can be ordered at the reception, by phone or by email. Complete price list of manicure with varnishing here.

We have reviews for manicures and shellac varnishes on our Google profile: You can find us on our Google profile: Alexis Beauty salon

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