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Eyelash extensions 1D-5D and practical instructions before and after the service

Eyelash extensions 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D in the salon Alexis. Shaping, lamination and dyeing of eyebrows. Eyelash extension of the outer edges of the lid and removal of extended eyelashes in Prague.

Recommendations for clients before eyelash extensions

· come to the salon without make-up

· dry tear duct, excessive tearing, must not have cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis or other eye disease

· remove contact lenses

· apply make-up 24 hours before the extension

Before the first application of eyelash extensions, we perform a diagnosis of the customer's eyelashes:

· eyelash color, eyelash shape, length

· what the client wishes to achieve, appearance

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions have a durability of 2 to 5 weeks depending on the correct application and proper care by the customer, and on the natural cycle of eyelash growth

How algae grow?

Natural eyelashes take 60-90 days to regenerate.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions usually last 1.5-2 hours. It depends on the volume of lash thickening 1D-5D.

Recomendation for clients for first 24 hours:

· do not touch the eyelashes

· do not expose extended eyelashes to water or excessive moisture (shower, sauna, sweat, tears, make-up remover, cooking, etc.)

· do not wear contact lenses

· do not touch eyelashes or eyelids

· when using any cosmetic product, avoid the area around the eyes

· the first night we recommend sleeping on your back

Recomendation for clients after 24 hours:

· we do not recommend using mascara, avoid using waterproof mascara

· never strain the eyelashes mechanically (rubbing the eye, pulling the eyelashes, eyelash curlers), they may fall out prematurely, be gentle

· wash your eyelashes regularly with lukewarm water, this will remove trapped dirt and grease, which can damage the adhesive or cause eye irritation

· do not use any cosmetic products based on fats and oils near the eyelashes, especially waterproof products

· never dye extended eyelashes and do not apply eyelash perm

· only treat eyelashes with a brush designed for this purpose

· be very careful when removing make-up, use a water-based make-up remover and avoid straining the eyelashes with a cotton swab (the hairs can catch the eyelashes), thoroughly remove all traces of make-up

· never try to remove eyelash extensions yourself, you can irreversibly damage your own eyelashes, please visit our salon instead

· be careful when using towels in the face area and when dressing over the head so as not to catch the eyelashes

· extreme temperatures can damage the adhesive (solariums, saunas, steam, frost, etc.)

Gift certificates are available. It can be ordered at the reception of the salon, by phone or by email. You can follow the photo of the nails on Instagram: alexisbeautysalon

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