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What is Airtouch? What is the difference between airtouch and ombre and balayage?

What is Airtouch?

Airtouch is a highlighting technique that involves toning individual strands in a color close to the basic tone, but always lighter towards the ends of the hair. The name of the technique, which literally translates as "touch of air", appeared thanks to a special technique: before dyeing, selected strands are "inflated" with a stream of air from a hair dryer.

The advantages of highlighting in the Airtouch technique are:

- safety of hair dyeing: in this technique, only individual strands are dyed, not the entire volume of hair;

- an unconditional trend: soft transitions along the length of the hair are at the peak of fashion;

- naturalness: suitable for those who are not ready for radical changes;

- suitable for any shade of hair: suitable for blondes, brunettes and redheads;

- easy maintenance by toning: thanks to the coloring of individual strands, the hair growth and length can be toned at the same time and the hair still looks great;

Airtouch is a more demanding and complex hair bleaching and toning technique than ombre and balayage. It takes more time about 4 to 5 hours for longer hair. Each treatment is preceded by a consultation with the client, finding out the history of bleaching or dyeing to avoid damaging the hair. Choosing the perfect color tone.

The price of Airtouch is more expensive than ombre or balayage and ranges from approx. 5,000-6,500 CZK for long hair, including bleaching and toning.

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